Straw Hat Farm

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Here is a list of what we offer and its availability. Availability is dependent upon the season, weather and production.   


       Ariel kidded on March 5,2017 with triplets (2 does and a buck). One doe and buck have been disbudded, the other doe is polled. Dam raised. Does are $300 each and buck is $250. Kids will be registered with AGS. Pictures to come soon. The sire is Juniper. Please e-mail us if you would like photos. We have limited time to work on the webpage at the moment. 

       Princess kidded on May 21, 2017 with triplets. Mini (50/50) F2 buckling available. Erect ears. Bottle baby. Very friendly. $250. Can be registered with MDGA. Photos to come soon. E-mail us if you would like photos. We have limited time to work on webpage at the moment. 

        Amber kidded on June 18, 2017 with triplets (2 does and a buck). Mini Nubians (25% Nubian and 75% Nigerian dwarf). Currently dam raised but can be switched to bottle. Can be registered with MDGA. Does are $300 each once weaned. Buckling $250 once weaned. E-mail us for bottle baby pricing and. Pictures to come soon. Very flashy buckling (brown and white). Does are beautiful with brown and white markings. 

LGD Puppies

         Anatolian/Great Pyrenees puppies. Current on all shots. Properly dewormed. Evaluated and sound tested. They come from strong lines of working LGD. Raised with goats. Exposed to poultry. Socialized and good with children. Puppies will be placed on farms that need working lgd. Born 1/9/2017. Price at 24 weeks old $700. These are started dogs at 24 weeks old and are working in fields with goats and goat kids. 


Pilgrim Geese

        Available Spring 2017. 

        Goslings are $30 each. Limited availability. Currently have 3 goslings that hatched March 27, 2017 (1 females and 2 males).  5 goslings hatched April 2017 (2 females and 3 males). 

         Pair of one year old Geese $70 (they are great parents and raised 5 goslings this year). Need to downsize flock. 

Magpie Ducks

          10 ducklings avaiable that hatched this spring. Some are fully feathered others are less than 8 weeks old.  

        Day old to 8 weeks: $10 each

        Fully Feathered: $15 each 

        *Sexed ducks are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Fully feathered sexed ducks are more accurate than smaller ducklings. Boys should be boys, but sometimes a girl turns out to be a boy that did not show himself. We try our best to make sure our ducks are sexed accurately, but sometimes we have one that did not show himself. 

Guinea Fowl

        None at this time.  Available May/June 2017

        Keets: day old up to 6 weeks old $4 each. Straight run.  

        Keets 7 weeks old to 16 weeks old: $10 each. Straight run. 


Barred Rock Chickens

          None at this time. Available June/July 2017 upon request. 

          Chicks day old up to 6 weeks old:  $6 each.  Straight run. 

          Pullets 6 weeks up to 10 weeks old $10 each.     

          Pullets 10 to 18 weeks old $15 each. 

          Pullets 18 to 24 weeks old $20 each. 



         Chicken eggs - $3.00 per dozen. 



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