Straw Hat Farm

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Here is a list of what we offer, pricing and its availability. Availability is dependent upon the season, weather and production. Please follow the blue links to see available animals.   


        Mini-Lamancha Doe

                    Registered Experimental $300      

                    Registered Grade elf ear $125

                    Registered Grade gopher ear $150

                    Registered Grade  doe in milk $200

        Mini-Lamancha Buck

                    Registered Experimental elf ears $225

                    Registered Experimental gopher ear $275

        Mini-Nubian Doe

                    Registered Experimental  $300

                    Registered Experimental doe in milk $400

        Mini-Nubian Buck

                   Registered Experimental $250

        Nigerian Dwarf Doe

                   Registered $300

        Nigerian Dwarf Buck

                   Registered $200


        Wether or Pet goats $100


Pilgrim Geese


        We are retaining all geese in 2018. 

        Available Spring 2019. 

        Goslings are $30 each. Limited availability.


Magpie Ducks


        We are retaining all ducks in 2018. 

        Available Spring 2019

        Day old to 8 weeks: $10 each

        Fully Feathered: $15 each 

        *Sexed ducks are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Fully feathered sexed ducks are more accurate than smaller ducklings. Boys should be boys, but sometimes a girl turns out to be a boy that did not show himself. We try our best to make sure our ducks are sexed accurately, but sometimes we have one that did not show himself. 

Guinea Fowl


        None at this time.  Available May/June 2018

        Keets: day old up to 6 weeks old $4 each. Straight run.  

        Keets 7 weeks old to 16 weeks old: $10 each. Straight run. 


Barred Rock Chickens


          None at this time. Available June/July 2018 upon request. 

         Chicks day old up to 6 weeks old:  $6 each.  Straight run. 

         Pullets 6 weeks up to 10 weeks old $10 each.     

          Pullets 10 to 18 weeks old $15 each. 

         Pullets 18 to 24 weeks old $20 each. 



        None at this time. 

        Chicken eggs - $3.00 per dozen. 



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