Straw Hat Farm

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Dairy Goats 

We are currently building our dairy goat herd. We like our goats milk and the products we can make from it. It tastes great to drink (yes, we pasteurize it) and it easier to digest than cow's milk. We can not tell the difference between our goats milk and cow's milk. We have enjoyed  many dairy products from our milk including yogurt, cheese and ice cream. We are working on building our herd so that we will have fresh milk year round. The health of our animals is a top priority and taken very seriously.  Our goats are up to date on shots, monitored for parasites, and are tested annually and are negative for CAE, CL and Johne's.  


Cici is our sweet Alpine. She is 75% Alpine and 25% Lamancha. She is a loving goat who enjoys her head rubs. She is always happy to see us and can't wait to show you affection. Cici is an excellent producer. We enjoy the milk that she produces and all the dairy products that we make from it. 

Cici kidded on March 31, 2017 with a single buckling. He is a beautiful boy whose sire is Aster. She is dam raising her kid and is a wonderful mother. 

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Nigerian Dwarfs

Ariel is our sweet girl. She is a spunky little thing and is too smart for her own good. She likes to get into mischief and is quick to flee the seen of the crime. She is polled with blue eyes and produces beautiful kids.

Ariel freshened on February 6th, 2016 with twin does. She dam raised her does and was an excellent mother. Ariel is currently being milked twice a day and produces 1 quart of milk a day. Her milk is sweet and is excellent to drink and makes delicious cheese and yogurt. 

Ariel Freshened on March 5th, 2017 with triplets (2 does and a buck). They are being dam raised. 

AGS Registration ID: D-80413H

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Juniper is our handsome buck! He is a sweet boy and spends the day hanging out with his son Aster. Junipers favorite times are when he gets to hang out with the girls! He really likes those does. 

AGS Registration ID: D-80412

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Princess is our sweet little Mini-Mancha. She is beautiful, full of love, and from excellent dairy lines. She is a wonderful producer of delicious milk. Princess is easy to hand milk and she loves to hang out with her people. 


Amber is our spunky, take charge, curious girl. She wants to play but even at her young age she will step up and protect her friend. She loves attention and is very loving. She is a Mini-Nubian from excellent dairy lines. 

Amber is a wonderful producer and we enjoy the milk she provides our family. Her personality is entertaining and she always has us laughing at her silliness. 


Aster is our sweet mini-Alpine. He loves people and is fun to be around. His dam is Jocelyn and his sir is Juniper. He comes from wonderful dairy lines and we look forward to the kids he will produce. 

Jocelyn is a great producer (one gallon a day) of high quality milk. So far, we have made yogurt, ice cream and chevre cheese with her milk. All are excellent and are loved by everyone who try them. 

Jocelyn freshened on April 5th, 2016. She had a beautiful mini-Alpine Buckling. She is dam raising the kid and being milked twice a day.  

ADGA Registration ID: AA1594387 

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Jocelyn went to her new home. She will be missed but is in excellent hands. We know she will be loved by her new owners just as she was here! 

2016 Kids

Aster is Jocelyn & Juniper's handsome buckling. He was born April 5, 2016. He is being dam raised and is a sweet quiet boy. He will be registered with the MDGA.  

Naomi & Ruth are Ariel & Juniper's beautiful does born February 6, 2016. Naomi is tri-colored and has her daddy's eyes. Ruth is tan and white and looks just like her mom with sparkling blue eyes. Both have been disbudded and are up to date on shots. They were dam raised and love people. Both are sweet girls with playful personalities. They are a joy to have on the farm. They will be registered with AGS. 

Oliver is Amber and Juniper's buckling. He was born June 17, 2016. He is a handsome little guy with beautiful blue eyes and a happy go lucky personality. He is a laid back and sweet little guy. He is a bottle baby and has been disbudded. Oliver will be registered with the MDGA and is 75% Nigerian Dwarf and 25% Nubian.  

Flopsy is Amber and Juniper's sweet little doe. She was born April 17, 2016. A twin who looks nothing like her brother, Oliver. Flopsy has her mother's beautiful blue eyes and a fun loving personality. She is a bottle baby and is disbudded. Flopsy will be registered with the MDGA and is 75% Nigerian Dwarf and 25% Nubian.  

Star is Princess and Juniper's spunky doe. She was born June 14, 2016. She is full of energy and loves her people. She is a bottle baby and has been disbudded. Star will be registered with MDGA and is 75% Nigerian Dwarf and 25% Lamancha. 

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