Straw Hat Farm

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MDGA Registered American


Peach is our hearty and fun loving girl. Her personality bubbles, she has nice structure, and she has strong general appearance. Peach has a high and wide escutcheon like her dam. She  is an easy keeper and loves her people. Peach Freshened March 7,2021 with triplets. She is easy to hand milk and has large teats and orifices. As a first freshener at 4 months fresh, Peach is producing 3.5 pounds of milk (just over 6 cups) with twice a day milking.   

Straw Hat Farm Peach MDGA #AML04769

D.O.B. 2/21/2019

S:Wings&Caprines BCH Monopoly  MDGA #XL04041

D:Straw Hat Farm Pearl  MDGA #XL04274

F3 American Mini-Lamancha with gopher ears 


photo coming soon 

MDGA Registered Experimental 


Pearl is a sweet and gentle girl. She has a beautiful udder with a high and wide escutcheon and strong lateral attachments. Pearl is easy to milk because of her soft diary skin and large orifices. Pearl has strong dairy strength and general appearance. She freshened with twins (doe & buck) on her first freshening in February 2019. Both were retained. Her second freshening was in December 2019. She had twin bucks. In February 2021, Pearl freshened with triplets (2 does and a buck). She produces beautiful kids and passes on a lot of her positive traits. Pearl is producing 5 pounds of milk per day (just over half a gallon) at 4 months fresh.  

Straw Hat Farm Pearl  MDGA #XL04274

D.O.B. 5/21/17

D: Wings & Caprines Princess MDGA #XL03653

S: Country Charm Percy MDGA #XL02639

F2 Mini-Lamancha with elf ears


Othello is a very friendly and loving buck. He has excellent conformation and dairy strength. His dam has a beautiful udder with a high and wide escutcheon, and strong lateral attachments. We are looking forward to the kids he will produce and the improvements he will make to our heard. 

Straw Hat Farm Othello (will be registered Experimental with MDGA).

S:Wings&Caprines BCH Monopoly  MDGA #XL04041

D: Wings & Caprines TM Pearl  ADGA ID:L1857979 

F1 Mini-Lamancha with gopher ears 

Black Jack

photo coming soon 

MDGA Registered Grade 

Our grade does are from extremely heavy milk lines and have excellent confirmation and dairy strength. These does are highly valued by us because of the amount of milk  they produce. We use high quality registered bucks so that each generation will become closer to American and Purebred status. 


Maggie is our vocal girl. She likes to talk and to be milked. She is from heavy milk lines and is a great producer. Maggie is polled and has had a polled kid every kidding. She had triplets in December, 2019 and was producing over a gallon a day. She is easy to hand milk and has large orifices.  

Maggie typically produces 7 lbs a day on twice a day milking. She has produced up to 12 pounds a day on three times a day milking.  

Wings & Caprines MFF Maggie  MDGA #GXL00220

D.O.B. 4/17/14

S: ForestFrame Huner ADGA ID:D1659558P

D:The Silly Millie  ADGA ID:GL1857589

F1 Mini-Lamancha with elf ears

**All doe kids from her will be registered Grade with MDGA.

**Bucks out of grade does can not be registered. 


Photos coming soon 

Reference Goats

We no longer have the following goats. Most have moved to a new farm. They are listed here for reference. 


D:Wings & Caprines MFF Maggie MDGA #GXL00220

S:Country Charm Percy  MDGA #XL02639


Princess is our sweet little Experimental F1 Mini-Mancha. She is beautiful, full of love, and from excellent dairy lines. She is a wonderful producer of delicious milk. Princess is easy to hand milk and she loves to hang out with her people. She has freshened three times producing a single, triplets, and triplets again. Being an easy milker and heavy producer made her a favorite here on the farm. We lost Princess in a tragic accident on the way to her first MDGA show. She will be dearly missed. Her legacy will live on through her offspring. 

Wings & Caprines Princess MDGA #XL03653   

D.O.B. 2/25/15

Sire: Forestframe Hunter   ADGA ID:D1659558P

Dam: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars ADGA ID:L1691163

F1 Mini-Lamancha with elf ears  



Mario is our handsome and sweet buck. He loves his people and is a joy to be around. His structure is correct and he has strong general appearance and dairy strength. Mario's dam has a high and wide escutcheon with strong lateral attachments. She also has soft dairy skin with easy to milk teats and large orifices. We are excited about what Mario will produce. Mario is now the heard sire at a new farm.

Straw Hat Farm Mario  

D.O.B. 2/21/2019

S:Wings&Caprines BCH Monopoly  MDGA #XL04041

D:Straw Hat Farm Pearl  MDGA #XL04274

F3 American Mini-Lamancha with gopher ears 


Percy is our handsome Experimental F1 buck. He is sweet and loves to follow us around. He has strong general appearance and dairy strength. Percy has produced many beautiful offspring that are correct, have strong dairy strength, and beautiful udders. Percy is now the heard sire at a new farm. 

Country Charm Percy  MDGA #XL02639

D.O.B. 3/16/14

Sire: Country Charm Joshua ADGA ID:D-54171

Dam: Candlelight JRMY Mariah  ADGA ID:L1691161

F1 Mini-Lamancha with elf ears 

Below are photos of Percy's Dam's udder. 

*photos are courtesy of Wingin' it Farms

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Mini Lamancha doe (4 available). $300 each. (click photos on left for more information).

Lamancha Doe (1 available).  $300 (click photo on right for more information).

Doe in Milk. Mini-lamancha (Pearl). $450 (see mini-lamancha page for more information).