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MDGA Registered Experimental 


Princess is our sweet little F1 Mini-Mancha. She is beautiful, full of love, and from excellent dairy lines. She is a wonderful producer of delicious milk. Princess is easy to hand milk and she loves to hang out with her people. She has freshened three times producing a single, triplets, and triplets again. Being an easy milker and heavy producer makes her a favorite here on the farm. Princess is currently milking 6.6lbs a day (approximately 12.25 cups).

Wings & Caprines Princess MDGA Registration No. XL03653

Sire: Forestframe Hunter    D1659558P

Dam: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars   L1691163




Pearl is a sweet and gentle girl. She is a dry yearling who loves her people. We look forward to the milk she will produce. 

Dam: Princess

Sire: Percy

F2 Mini-Lamancha 

Straw Hat Farm Pearl will be registered Experimental with MDGA. 



Percy is our handsome F1 buck. He is sweet and loves to follow us around. He loves the girls and is always happy to see them. He produces beautiful kids and comes from wonderful dairy lines. 

MDGA registration No. 

Dam: Candlelight JRMY Mariah  ADGA Registratoin No. L001691161 (PB Doe)

Below are photos of Percy's Dam's udder. 

*photos are curtisy of Wingin' it Farms

MDGA Registered Grade 

Our grade does are from extremely heavy milk lines. They need improvement in conformation. These does are highly valued by us because of the amount of  milk they produce. This high volume and easy to keep goat makes it worth the lack of conformation. We use high quality registered bucks to improve confirmation and  so that each generation will become closer to experimental status. This gives our customers a quality goat that produces high amounts of milk. The does can be bred to a registered buck and does out of each breeding can be registered. Grade bucks can not be registered. 


Maggie is our vocal girl. She likes to talk and to be milked. She is from heavy milk lines and is a great producer. Maggie is polled. Maggie had triplets this year and was producing over a gallon a day. She is easy to hand milk and has wonderful flow. Her udder needs improvement, but her production is well worth the lack of beauty. We use excellent bucks over her and her doe has an udder that is improved. Her doe is also a great producer. 

Maggie is currently producing 6.8 lbs a day (approximately 12.5 cups). 

Wings and Caprines Maggie is registered Grade F1 with MDGA

**All doe kids from her will be registered Grade with MDGA.

**Bucks out of grade does can not be registered. 


Wednesday is a dry yearling. She was dam raised and is sweet and loves her people. We look forward to the milk she will produce. 

Dam: Maggie

Sire: Percy

F2 Grade doe

Wings & Caprines Wednesday will be Registered Grade with MDGA. 


Leia is a vocal first freshener. She freshened with a single doe. Leah is currently producing 4.6 lbs of milk a day (approximately 8.5 cups)  and comes from extremely heavy milk lines. She is polled and her doe is polled also.    

Wings & Caprines Leia will be registered Grade F2 with MDGA.

All her does can be registered as grade. Bucks can not be registered out of grade does. 

Freshened 3/27/2018

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Goats For Sale

We currently do not have any goats for sale.

 Nigerian Dwarf Does in milk and Mini-Lamancha Does in milk will be available in June 2019. 

2019 Kids will be available in May and June.