Straw Hat Farm

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Nigerian Dwarf


Ariel is our sweet girl. She is a spunky little thing and is too smart for her own good. She likes to get into mischief and is quick to flee the seen of the crime. She is polled with blue eyes and produces beautiful kids.

Ariel has freshened with twins, triplets, and quadruplets. She loves to dam raise her kids and is a wonderful mother.  Her milk is sweet and is excellent to drink, and makes delicious cheese and yogurt. Ariel is now retired and enjoying grazing in the field and spending time with her daughter.

JNR Homestead Ariel AGS ID:D-80413H

D.O.B. 2/15/14

S: Buffalo Creek Farm D Julius  D-55867 

D: Buffalo Creek Farm CM Chloe   D-55865H



Amelia is a beautiful doe with a sweet personality. She loves children and enjoys being walked around. Amelia freshened on 4/28/2020 with twins. She is easy to milk and had beautiful twin does. 

Straw Hat Farm Amelia 

D.O.B. 3/1/2019

S: Wings & Caprines IL Seth   ADGA ID:D1857974

D: Straw Hat Farm Lacy   ADGA ID:D1945162


Ruby is just like her dam. She is a sweet girl with a wide escutcheon. Ruby loves her dam and is always near her. We are looking forward to the milk and offspring she will produce. 

Straw Hat Farm Ruby

D.O.B. 4/8/2020

D:  JNR Homestead Ariel AGS ID:D-80413H

S:  Enchanted Hill Juniper AGS Registration ID:D-80412


Juniper is our handsome buck! He is a sweet boy and spends the day hanging out with the other bucks and his LDGs. Junipers favorite times are when he gets to hang out with the girls! He really likes those does. Juniper has produced many beautiful does and a few bucks for us. We are very pleased with his offspring. Juniper is now retired and enjoying a life of leisure in the pasture. 

Enchanted Hill Juniper AGS Registration ID:D-80412

D.O.B. 3/31/12

S:Ceasar's Villa STS Blackhawk E  D-21849

D: Enchanted Hill Mermaid   D-17748


Seth is our spunky little buck. He is  full of personality. He has sired beautiful does and bucks. We are waiting to see what improvements he has brought to our heard. 

Wings & Caprines IL Seth  ADGA ID:D1857974

D.O.B. 2/21/2017

S:One Fine Acre FR Isaac  ADGA ID:D1832433

D:Peaceful Thoughts Lucy  ADGA ID:D1818185

Reference Goats

                                        We no longer have the following goats. Most have moved to a new farm. They are listed here for reference. 


June is a friendly little polled brown eyed girl. She enjoys her neck being rubbed. She freshened with triplets on 2/25/2019. She produces delicious milk and has improved confirmation. 

Straw Hat Farm June ADGA ID:D1945166P 

D.O.B. 3/5/2017

S: Enchanted Hill Juniper    D-80412

D: JNR Homestead Ariel    D-80413H


Lacy is a beautiful red and white doe. She is friendly and enjoys being brushed. Lacy Freshened with triplets on 3/1/2019. She is easy to milk and her confirmation is improved. 

Straw Hat Farm Lacy ADGA ID:D1945162

D.O.B. 3/5/2017

S: Enchanted Hill Juniper  D-80412

D: JNR Homestead Ariel    D-80413H

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Goats For Sale


Mini Lamancha doe (4 available). $300 each. (click photos on left for more information).

Lamancha Doe (1 available).  $300 (click photo on right for more information).

Doe in Milk. Mini-lamancha (Pearl). $450 (see mini-lamancha page for more information).