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We love our geese! They are very docile and are wonderful parents. Our pilgrims are excellent foragers and good watch dogs. They love people and will follow you around the yard just so they can be near you. We can not say enough good things about this breed. Pilgrim Geese are auto sexed. Male goslings are light yellow with a light bill. They are all white when fully feathered except for some gray around the saddle. Females are an olive color as goslings and have a dark bill and dark feet. They are gray once fully feathered and have white around the eyes. 

Geese require non-medicated feed. We feed our goslings non-medicated chick feed. They can also be feed a non-medicated flock raiser and then switched to non-medicated chicken feed. It is important to not over feed a gosling or it can grow to fast and end up with angel wing. We feed our goslings non-medicated chick starter grower as a supplement to the range they feed on. Grass and weeds are the best thing for the geese, but it is important to have feed available also. During the winter months the geese eat solely chicken feed until the grasses grow back. 

Magpie ducks are a lightweight breed that are highly productive egg layers. They produce large white eggs and are a duel purpose bird. Magpies are a very hardy breed and are excellent forgers. We love the entertainment, eggs and meat they supply. 

Ducklings, like goslings, need a non-medicated feed. We often raise ducklings and goslings together. The ducks will go after any bugs they find and the geese will eat the grass. It is a good combination and works well for us. 

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